Our team offers a variety of design and planning services to clients within the community, healthcare, higher education, and K-12 education markets.
Our Team


We are proud to work with local communities and governments to provide site planning, surveys, building evaluations, use permit revisions, code compliance, adaptive reuse, renovations, and new construction for a variety of building types. We have designed office buildings, city halls, operation service centers, call centers, maintenance corporation yards, and courthouses. We work with local jurisdictions to build consensus and ensure the enduring value of each commission. Balancing the design, management, and technical requirements of each project, we employ an operations-based approach to design and programming to secure the value and adaptability of civic structures for their communities and well into the future.


The design of healthcare facilities involves driving a dynamic relationship of change in operations, technology, regulations, image making and behavior to create spaces for wellness and healing. We design to achieve the most beneficial outcome for our healthcare clients, their patients, and healthcare providers. We have unrivaled experience in the design and construction of  healthcare facilities, with the skills in operational analysis, lean project management, regulatory expertise, and sustainable design. We have designed more than 700 healthcare projects to date, representing more than a billion dollars in healthcare construction.

Higher Education

Today’s colleges and universities are faced with many challenges, including student retention, faculty recruitment, and the integration of new technologies into aging facilities. We collaborate with our academic clients to reframe these challenges as opportunities to evolve and meet the modern needs of students. We have designed a wide range of academic environments, both as new and renovated facilities, and  we are highly knowledgable of the current design trends. Our portfolio includes general and specialized classrooms, libraries, research spaces, teaching labs, maker spaces, administrative offices, and wellness centers.

K-12 Education

Mindful of the finite resources and increasing program demands in the K-12 environment, we strive to create flexible, technology rich, learning environments that transform quickly to support multiple modes of learning and uses. Our K-12 portfolio consists of classrooms, libraries, science labs, performing arts venues, cafeterias, and other specialized spaces, both as new and renovated buildings. We have also successfully guided numerous independent schools through complex city and community negotiations that have included land use permit revisions, parking and circulation changes, increases in student enrollment, and modifications to historic or contextual buildings and campuses.