about us


In keeping with our approach to design, we remain committed to our clients by offering a variety of services to meet the evolving needs and demands of the built environment.
Our Approach


We pride ourselves on the ability to actively engage a diverse group of individuals in order to embrace an early and complete understanding of each project. This provides the base for a conceptual approach that, in turn, drives a meaningful design process. We bring significant experience interfacing with approvals committees, providing sustainability and integrated design knowledge, and offering Lean professional management and project delivery skills. We provide optimized solutions that marry technical expertise with collaborative creativity to develop inspiring architectural design from pre-design through construction administration.

Interior Design

Our interiors team provides highly integrated design services that shape and impact the user’s building environment experience. Our designers are experienced in process mapping, programming, facilities integration, construction documentation, and contract administration services coupled with the ability to understand client goals and vision to bring forth unique, imaginative solutions. Our knowledge of finishes, furnishings, spatial experience, and operational efficiency integrated with building systems contributes to a higher performing environment. We provide a holistic perspective with the end goal of transforming the way people experience architectural environments.

Feasibility Studies

We work with clients to co-develop and evaluate a range of opportunities through feasibility studies that help determine project priorities and budgets in their developmental stage. As part of our pre-design services, these studies are typically quick and informative, aligned with client mission and goals, and designed to facilitate prioritized decisions. They may involve building assessments; seismic, ADA, and life-safety compliance concerns; programmatic needs; and site and cost constraints. Typically addressing shorter term goals than the long range vision planning associated with master planning, feasibility studies offer our clients the tools to make informed project development decisions with minimal investment in time and expense.

Master Planning

Master plans are living documents which are developed to envision the future evolution and phased development of a campus that is aligned with facilities operations, strategic vision, and financial resources. They are intended to serve as a flexible road map for the evolution of a site and to be optimally responsive to changing future needs. Our master planning process helps determine short and long term campus development solutions addressing remodeling and new construction priorities, best use of existing buildings, and the adaptability and growth of a supportive systems infrastructure. Master plans provide the opportunity for clients to increase the value they bring to society, based on their vision, mission and strategic plan involving the client’s organization, market offerings and infrastructure.


The onset of a successful project involves visioning and programming efforts with which to establish common goals, definition of project content, and the development of a project budget and schedule. Programming is the activity where we work with key stakeholders to define the individual spatial components of a project. Programming is the recipe for the architectural design in terms of the quantification of the size, type, and number of spaces. The quantity of classrooms or patient rooms, for example, is determined through the analysis of the project criteria. Programming also establishes the relationship of spaces to other spaces. The process allows for the balance of these decisions to be guided by project goals, site opportunities and constraints, and project scope and budget. It is a collaborative methodology to develop an informed framework for the development of planning options through design exploration, consensus building, and decision making.