About us

& Inclusion

We foster an inclusive environment where individuality and creativity can thrive.

Our Mission

We share a commitment to championing and implementing policies and initiatives that foster diverse representation and inclusive design. We seek to cultivate a team that works together to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

EQUITY provides fair opportunity. DIVERSITY leads to greater representation, innovation, and creativity. INCLUSION lends a voice to our entire team, enabling us to achieve our highest potential.

Ratcliff is a living company with an evolving work culture. We are committed to:

  • Cultivate a diverse team that will work together towards extraordinary outcomes
  • Honor creativity in all aspects of our practice
  • Value equally individual perspectives, talents, and skillsets
  • Foster a supportive workplace where we can connect and learn from one another
  • Empower individuals to tap their imagination to harness innovation
  • Expand the pipeline for youth interested in the design profession
Ratcliff celebrating Women's History Month.

In the Office

We have developed initiatives aimed at increasing awareness and understanding, creating a shared language for thoughtful and impactful conversations. Ongoing efforts aimed at continuously improving our work environment include:

  • Establishing the Ratcliff Equity, Diversity & Inclusion affinity group (REDI) which provides ongoing support and discussion around DE&I initiatives.
  • Conducting staff engagement and inclusion surveys leading to more intentional and inclusive decision-making.
  • Reviewing work practices in hiring, promotion, and performance evaluation and providing greater transparency.
  • Promoting dialogue on EDI topics and our role as agents for change through shared resources (articles, books, and podcasts) and invited guest speakers tackling topics of implicit bias, gender inclusion, and more.

Community Partnerships

We continue to build partnerships within our community to build representative and inclusive design teams, to engage the next generation of design thinkers, and to bring about positive change. These partnerships include:

  • Collaborating with the Oakland Unified School District, we host a high school summer programand associated scholarships with the goal of expanding the pipeline for all youth interested in the design profession.
  • Participating in Day of Service opportunities at the Alameda County Food Bank.
  • Supporting and volunteering with the Engineers Alliance for the Arts.
  • Working as a part of a team on public projects encouraging the meaningful participation of Local Business Enterprises (LBEs), including Small-Local Business Enterprises (SLBEs), Small Emerging Local Businesses (SELBEs), Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (WBEs).
Ratcliff team members judge Engineers Alliance for the Arts student design competition.