Sustainable Design

We foster an inclusive and collaborative environment where creativity and continuous improvement is celebrated.

team members

David Hevesi
Doug Strout
Kit Ratcliff
Marcos Flores
Mark McFarlin
Sarah Knize

Green Group

Ratcliff is committed to creating healthy buildings and places that support the life of our clients, communities, and the environment through our projects: health of patients, their families, and medical providers at our healthcare projects; health of students, faculty, and staff at our educational projects; and health of community members and staff at our civic projects.

We recognize through our practice areas that our work has generational impacts on large numbers of people who visit and use the buildings we design, as well as impacts on the health of the local, regional, and global environments.

With a dedicated team of LEED accredited professionals and more than 20 LEED certified/LEED equivalent building designs since 2006, we have a well-established sustainable design practice incorporated into our delivery process through design, efficiency, optimization, and mindful material selection.

We integrate health-first strategies through all phases of our projects as we formulate a project’s basis for design, develop the construction details, and provide oversight of construction activities. We work closely with an owner’s key stakeholders to identify the project sustainability goals and develop strategies to promote a healthy environment for the people, organization, and the communities they support.

As an Alameda County certified Green Business, we are committed to a safe and healthy workplace for our employees while promoting positive impacts on the environment.

representative projects

LEED Platinum

UC Law San Francisco Cotchett Law Center
DeAnza College Media Learning Center


Los Medanos College Brentwood Center
Santa Clara County Valley Health Center

LEED Silver

Berkeley City College Center Street
Foothill College Physical Sciences & Engineering Center